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Message from the Chairperson

As I write this annual message during 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic, I gratefully reflect on 2019 where our focus at Angles’ Care was to improve and expand our existing programmes focusing on: education, nutrition, health care, spiritual enrichment and social outreach. In hindsight this has allowed us to have maximum humanitarian impact during this current unprecedented crisis.

Caring for children requires a multi-faceted approach providing for their basic needs, along with empowering them with knowledge and skills. In 2019 we provided meals to 485 children weekly and ensured they were always adequately clothed for any weather conditions. Health care is always available with our nursing sister assisting 631 people. Our crisis centre brought comfort and healing to 121 children who were victims of sexual assault, trauma, grief or chronic disease. Additionally, we were able to provide overnight accommodation to 25 victims of abuse when they most needed help. Our focus on health care has assisted 51 households where people are chronically ill or children severely neglected.

A holistic education encompasses mental, physical, and spiritual development in children. All 130 learners who attend our educational programmes made huge strides both in terms of their ability to cope with the traumatic circumstances under which they reside, as well as academically. Our ECD programme continues to thrive with 87% of our grade R pupils showing higher levels of school readiness than childrenfrom other schools and all promoted to grade 1. The children in our Bridging Class are incredible and in 2020 four of them have entered mainstream schooling. We are also delighted that three of our first cohort of Bridging class Pupils have now successfully
completed primary school and gained access to high school!

Our youth development and sporting programmes have grown with our young adults showing great sportsmanship and also living out our values of partnership, teamwork, self-discipline, integrity respect, courage and faith. And they compete very well!

Through community outreach we educated 2434 members of our community on various life skills relevant to challenges faced daily when living in extreme poverty. Additionally, we assisted numerous families with food parcels, clothing and household items and our winter warmth campaign (where we delivered blankets and warm clothing) was a resounding success.

In closing we are reminded Mother Teresa when she said: “The fruit of faith is love, and the fruit of love is service… spread love everywhere you go; do ordinary things with extraordinary love.” My sincere thanks to our Board, dedicated staff and selfless donors who relentlessly show unconditional love for the hundreds of young lives we are able to positively impact each and every day.

Carolyn Hancock