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Our Mission

The mission of Angels’ Care Centre is to provide for the optimal growth and development (mentally, physically and spiritually) of the children we serve in a safe and loving environment. The Centre will provide an environment where they are provided care, guidance and protection from people and things that seek to deny these God given rights intentionally, unintentionally or through apathy.

We will accomplish this through providing not only for the basic needs of the children we serve but also their caregivers through access to health care and other human services as well as by providing excellent educational services. Since all our decisions are driven by what is best for the children we serve we will always seek long-term sustainable solutions. This will require us to be in partnership with others not only locally but also nationally and internationally.

Meet Our Team

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Jack Haskins
Jack HaskinsCrisis Centre Manager
Georgie Purdon
Georgie PurdonPR, Donor Administration & Children's Sponsorship
Joyce Ntuli
Joyce NtuliPrincipal
Nicky Botha
Nicky BothaAdministrator
Lungi Khanyile
Lungi KhanyileRegistered Nurse
Sthobile Mweli
Sthobile MweliSocial Worker
Desmond Sokhela
Desmond SokhelaSports Coach & Aftercare Supervisor
Faith Michael
Faith MichaelCaretaker
Hloni Zikhali
Hloni ZikhaliCook and Helper
Katherine Stevens
Katherine Stevens Grade R Teacher
Thandi Mrasi's
Thandi Mrasi'sGrade RR Teacher
Thandeka Phandle
Thandeka Phandle Grade RRR Teacher
Mandisa Shelembe
Mandisa ShelembeAssistant Teacher
Nontobeko Mnguni
Nontobeko MnguniCommunity Caregiver
Sameakeliswe Dlomo
Sameakeliswe DlomoCommunity Caregiver
Zamahlubi Lize
Zamahlubi LizeTeacher and Auxiliary Social Worker
Nester Ngubane
Nester NgubaneCook

Who sits on the board:

Carolyn Hancock (Chairperson)

Wendy Francis (Deputy Chairperson and Education)

Natalie Holzbach (Treasurer)

Georgina Purdon (PRO)

Jo James (Social Worker)

Hugh Queener (USA)

Jack Haskins (Manager)

 Joyce Ntuli (Principal)

Bronwyn Blades (Member)

Gavin Yeats (Member)