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ECD Opening

Today, we celebrate the start of something truly special: a place where we can bring hope and nurture children so that they flourish and thrive regardless of their background. These facilities have been built with love, fueled by compassion, and brought to life by the skilled hands of our design team and contractors. It is way more than just bricks

Value Building

At Angels' Care, the values we uphold are those we teach to the children at our pre-primary. Early Childhood Development and Education provide essential building blocks for a child's future and the role they will play in society. This is why we teach each the children in our classes the importance of the eight values we embody

Our 2019/20 Annual Report

Read our Annual Report here  Message from the Chairperson As I write this annual message during 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic, I gratefully reflect on 2019 where our focus at Angles' Care was to improve and expand our existing programmes focusing on: education, nutrition, health care, spiritual enrichment and social outreach. In hindsight this has allowed

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