A message from our Chairperson

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2021 saw the world continue to grapple with the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic. In spite of this and the unprecedented civil unrest experienced in our local community during July, our focus at Angels’ Care Centre remained steadfastly centred on: education, nutrition, health care, spiritual enrichment and social outreach. Our unwavering commitment to the most marginalised children in our area allowed us to have maximum humanitarian impact during these unprecedented times of crisis.

Our new facility at the Agricultural Hall which we purchased in 2020, combined with our original campus which houses our pre-school and health care services, have been invaluable “homes away from home” for hundreds of children and provided us with the space to at any time pivot and change the way in which we could be of help to the children. Our culture of always providing unconditional love in all we do never faltered. Despite a relentless series of challenges, we have provided a greater service to the children in our care than at any time before.

An ancient African proverb claims, “It takes a village to raise a child”. We could not be more grateful that “our village” includes people from all walks of life and even from other continents. Through the joint efforts of us all not a single child in our care ever felt the effects of the greatest disease of all; that of not feeling important to anyone.

In 2021 we provided a record 46080 meals to children, 117 child victims of rape and abuse were helped by our crisis centre staff, 610 children received general health care, 110 youngsters were educated and 914 community members supported through various outreach programs.

For us working on the ground, we have dearly missed the ability to brighten a child’s day through them seeing the smiles on our faces as they were hidden behind medical masks. Nevertheless, each child always knew they were precious as they still saw the light and love in our eyes and felt the gentle touch of our hands. This has indeed been a humbling but inspirational time; a moment in history where we were often able to do very “ordinary things” such as providing meals, with extraordinary dedication and affection. Despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges we frequently faced, Nelson Mandela was truly insightful in saying “it always seems impossible until it is done”.