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What we provide for the Community

Angels Care was established 18 years ago by concerned residents of Howick to provide for the holistic and optimal growth of children from indigent homes in the Umngeni Municipal area. We strive to accomplish this through providing not only for the basic needs of the children we serve, but throug access to health care and other human services as well as by providing excellent educational services.

As a result of generous donations over a period of time we have ben able to acquire our own premises. These consist of an over 100 year old house purchased in 2009, a caretaker’s cottage, 3 new classrooms built in 2010 and a Crisis Centre completed in April 2015.


We believe that without access to a high quality education there can never be social upliftment.


We run a pre-school for 75 children between the ages of 3 and 6, a Bridging Class for 10 children, as well as an Aftercare program.

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We run a weekly feeding program that provides food for approximately 350 children.


Every Saturday morning the children flock to the Centre to enjoy their sandwiches, fruit and yoghurt.


Crisis Centre

Assistance is offered for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, abuse and neglect.


In order to assist our patients we employ social workers, a nurse and community care givers.

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Our Core Values

Christian centred values which will ensure that all children in our care are treated with dignity and love, are at the core of what directs our actions:

Faith – Through our spiritual belief and trust in God, we will have confidence in what we hope for and assurance that ultimately we will prevail.

Integrity – We will live our lives in an open, fair, responsible and honest fashion. We will hold each other accountable to their commitments as well as be accountable for what we commit to.

Partnership – We will work together for the common good of the children we serve and will commit to good relationships with each other and our constituency in the promotion of effective teamwork.

Discipline – Our actions will be based on trust and positive expectations within a set of sensible and mutually agreed boundaries and we will be diligent in consistently maintaining and measuring our progress towards attaining what we set out to accomplish in terms of our mission and vision.

Diversity – We are committed to serving the needs of all children who are impoverished physically, mentally or spiritually, especially those who may have been physically or mentally abused.

Respect – We treat each other at every level in every circumstance with human dignity. This includes those we serve as well as our partners.

Courage – We will face every challenge encountered with determination and conviction. We will not give into doubts created by futility, expediency, timidity or comfort. Simply said we will prevail.

Empowerment – We will strive to find creative ways to help all stakeholders resolve their own problems and assume positions of leadership in order to make a positive contribution to our society. In this way we will promote change in poverty stricken communities and hold local citizens accountable to the communities in which they live in order to ensure long-term sustainability and success of all our programmes.

Impact – Ultimately our success is based on the positive impact we are able to have in improving the lives of the constituencies we serve. We will monitor and measure our results – where we are successful we will enhance and improve, where we are unsuccessful we will redevelop, redeploy and redesign for success.