Uncle Jack – the man who is always as he puts it ‘fat and well’

Jack Haskins the manager at Angels Care Centre has just recruited a new staff member. Our new staff member is a little too big for his ears, has four legs and is possible the cutest thing to walk this Earth, he goes by the name of “buddy”. Jack (a ex search and rescue policeman with skills in training dogs) is going to train Buddy to be a search and rescue dog as well as a therapy dog for our Rape and Abuse Crisis Centre. Buddy is already very loved by the children at Angles Care and although still too small to be trained is already working his therapy magic with clients at the Centre. He has a way of making everyone smile and shows us all that we are all important and worth lots of kisses.

We can’t wait to see Buddy grow into his ears and learn the tricks of the trade. He is the perfect distraction to a few staff members but we wouldn’t want it any other way. Here is to a brighter future and one where we heal more broken hearts, minds and bodies.

We love this new addition, what do you think?

Read more about Buddy’s joining Angels’ Care here