It truly is a privilege for me to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new Executive Director of both Thembelihle School and Angels’ Care Centre, and to share with you a little about myself and my hopes and dreams for this wonderful institution.


I am a passionate educator, with both local and international experience in teaching and educational management experience, with a particular focus on ‘Learning through Play,’ STEAM Education, Youth Development, and holistic learning programs. I am so excited by the opportunities that Angels’ Care gives to implement and grow a fully integrated education program, focusing on developing the whole child, while preparing them for life-long learning. The intended outcome of this is that every child is equipped with the necessary skills and values that will bring them future success in this 21st century world we live in.


We have a wonderful team of professional colleagues, who focus on giving our children and their families support in education, health and well-being, and pastoral care, and we have far reaching impacts on the communities around us who are most in need of our services. We also attract a wide network of funders, donors, volunteers and supporters who allow us to deliver our services. If I can add value to these well-established offerings, and also expand the reach and impact we already have, then I will be a happy and contented person in my role at Thembelihle School and Angels’ Care!

Jack is our Operations Manager, attending to all issues pertaining to the crisis centre where we work to educate everyone on how to prevent child abuse and also provide medical and psycho-social support to affected children. Jack joined us in July 2017.

He is a father of two, his son a paramedic and daughter within hospitality. Having been a member of the South African Police Service for more than 38 years, predominantly attached to the K9 unit, he was exposed to extreme circumstances surrounding active crime scenes. As such, he is experienced in handling traumatic and tragic incidents.

“In attending scenes and dealing with families, I have been enabled to become a more compassionate person.”

During COVID-19 Jack has driven 350 food parcels into the informal settlement or to our centre every single day. He has picked up more crates than we can count, demarcated more areas than we can count, and ensured that all the very many pieces of the Centre are in place. He has been the strong hearted core of the Centre making sure we are all okay. We would be lost without him and could not be more grateful for him.

Georgie joined our team in January 2019 to manage our Sponsorship Programs, Donor Administration & PR.

“Returning to KZN Midlands after being away for many years was an amazing feeling and to top it off I found my dream job. I have been involved with Angels’ Care Centre for many years as I have always believe in what they do. It is not often you find a place that offers Education, Feeding schemes, Youth development and a Crisis care centre to the underprivileged children of an area. Angels’ Care is unique in so many ways, and I feel privileged to be apart of a team trying to be the difference I want to see in the world. It is impossible to walk through the gates and not be greeted by many hugs and smiling faces, a feeling difficult to describe.”

“I bring with me enthusiasm and commitment to find creative solutions and ensure that our children feel loved and cared for.”

Joyce is our incredible Bridging Class Teacher. She is so passionate about the children and loves every moment that she is at school. Joyce joined us in January 2019. She is also the bridging class teacher, focusing on making sure that each child reaches their full potential.

“My name is Sthobile Pamella Mweli born 31 May 1978 in KwaMevana Township. I am a single mother to an 21 year old who has been my inspiration to never give up in life. Which is one of the reason I decided at the age of 33 to go back to school and obtain my first degree in Social work. As a social worker I aspire to bring change in peoples lives even in the least way possible. Being involved with Angels Care has enable me serve my purpose and it has been a learning experience personally. Initially I came here as a volunteer, I then worked as an administrator and now I have been given the opportunity to work in the Crisis Centre as a Social Worker.”

Stobile’s infectious smile and heart of pure gold make her even more of a superhero. Sthobile hands down has one of the hardest jobs in South Africa. Being a Social Worker who tends to woman and children who are survivors of gender based violence, sexual assault, physical abuse, neglect and more is certainly heart breaking and extremely difficult.

South Africa has the highest rate of sexual assault in the WORLD (read that again)….. in the WORLD. Most of those cases are children under the age of 12.

In 2019 alone Sthobile counselled 121 CHILD victims, 59 cases of sexual assault, 4 domestic violence, 13 neglect, 8 physical assault and 37 trauma (this includes watching their parents being murdered). The children and families we serve at Angels Care live in a constant state of trauma, thanks to Sthobile they can get the help, assistance and safe place to heal that they need.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Sthobile has still played her role as a Social worker, however she has also stepped up to help wherever she can, from making sandwiches to handing out food parcels. We are extremely lucky to have her on the team and the community is so lucky to have her as their support system.

Desmond joined Angels’ Care in January 2009 and is our After Care Supervisor and Sports Coach; along with this he is also a committed member of our Management Committee.

He assists with homework, and the planning and conducting of aftercare activities. He coaches soccer to many aspirant young boys, with his teams finding themselves competitive in the top of their league. He attended high school and has a certificate in welding and an enthusiastic vegetable grower. He currently lives in Shiyabazali informal settlement with his daughter, who is enrolled at Thembelihle Pre- primary School.

He is extremely passionate about the children and integral to our team.

“I like working at Angels’ Care with the kids and also helping people in general. I love what I do.”

Thandeka is our Grade RRR teacher. She loves her ‘babies’ more than anything in the world and does everything in her power to make them feel loved, cared for and empowered. ALL the children love her and love coming to school to be with her and learn from her. Her kind heart is shown is everything thats she does, we are very lucky to have her as one of our teachers.

Thandi is our Grade RR teacher, who joined us in January 2016.

She studied home based care through a local institution and did practical’s through Umgeni Hospital, having then received a bursary to study Early Childhood development, completing it in 2016.

“I am so happy to be in this Centre as I am experiencing more and experiencing so much. My wish is to further my studies even more and get to know how to teach kids of an older age.”

Nester has been preparing our Pre- schoolers nourishing food since 2009, filling their tummy’s and preparing their minds to learn. She is Mother of four and Grandmother of four.

“I am so happy cooking new and exciting food for the children, especially Phutu and Chicken Stew, it is the children’s favourite.”

Hloni has been with us since 2008, preparing meals for our aftercare children as well as helping with homework, her commitment and passion remains constant.

She has her 1st aid certificate as well as training in home-based care. She lives in Mphophomeni Township with her one child and two orphans that she invited into her home. Outside Angels’ Care, she teaches girls Netball, making us proud of achievements her teams’

“I like to help build a new future for the children, how to grow and avoid making mistakes”.

Hloni is also the fastest peanut butter spreader the world has ever seen she also has the LOUDEST voice and most infectious laugh. There have been days we have all battled to put a smile on our faces but without a doubt Hloni swoops in and saves the day with her heart of gold, bad jokes and general silliness. She is always hungry making her sandwiches the best there is. She keeps us going on the toughest days and literally carries the weight around the kitchen. She has also helped us identify and distribute family food parcels every week in Mphophomeni Township. Her most important superpower during COVID-19 has been the hand sanitiser police, running after (or should I say shouting) at anyone who comes through our gates that misses the station. She is loved by all. 

Faith lives at Angels’ Care with her 3 children offering support wherever needed. She has been with at Angels Care since 2009. She assists the Crisis Centre with victims of abuse when the need arises ensuing they are taken care of and have a warm bed to sleep in. She is involved with the Saturday morning feeding program, along with general cooking, cleaning and caretaking duties.

“I know that love and education are very important in helping children grow up to a responsible adult in our community.”

Faith is the most gentle human you can find, nothing is too much to ask. She is wonderful personified. Between Faith and Hloni they have made majority of close to 35 000 daily children food parcels during COVID-19.  Faith is also the storeroom mayoress, sorting and unpacking everyday, making sure the children are warm. She also nominates her gorgeous son for any hug or extra love that is needed.

My name is Bbathobile Mncube, I am 43 years old. I am a registered, passionate and dedicated nurse by profession with over 8 years of Healthcare experience, in a variety of medical settings. I love working with children, as we can really make a huge difference in their lives. They live such difficult lives and Angels Care brings them so much care, love and hope for a better future.

Nontobeko is our Community Caregiver and Receptionist at our Crisis Centre

Together they focus on educating the community on issues related to gender based violence, as well as identifying and reporting neglected and abused children. Through the Angels Care Crisis Centre, they can offer facilities in this process and on going assistance.

Both residing in the Shiyabazali Informal Settlement, they understand the challenges intimately.

“I started working at Angels’ Care in August 2015, and have a little daughter who is at Thembelihle Pre-Primary School. I have home based care and first aid. I am a very strong woman. I learn a lot from the Crisis Centre and my leaders.” – Nontobeko

Samkeliswe is a Community Caregivers at our Crisis Centre

Together they focus on educating the community on issues related to gender based violence, as well as identifying and reporting neglected and abused children. Through the Angels Care Crisis Centre, they can offer facilities in this process and on going assistance.

Both residing in the Shiyabazali Informal Settlement, they understand the challenges intimately.

“I like helping and working children in the community in all situations. I’m emotional when seeing an abused child because of the life I lived growing up..” – Samke

My name is Grace Khanyile (33). I am a passionate preschool educator who finds joy in laying a solid foundation, and making education fun and interesting. I love to help grow eager minds and contribute towards making a positive impact on our future leaders.  I am certified to teach as an ECD educator, and currently I am H.O.D at Angels Care Pre-primary school. I also mentor student teachers at Caversham Education Institute. I have a true passion for teaching and would love to leave a lasting legacy.

Zama, who is the most recent addition to the Angels Care Team is nothing short of one of our biggest blessings. She is an auxiliary social worker. During COVID-19, Zama has cared, loved, and educated these children on a daily basis, and the transformation has been incredible.

Mandisa is the most hardworking person you will have the pleasure of meeting. She really is up for any challenge and does everything with a smile.

My name is Cebolonkosi Zuma. I am 22 years old. I matricted in 2019. Life was not that easy at home so in 2020 I started to work as a volunteer at Angel’s Care in order to support my mom at home. She is a single parent, who also plays a role of father to me, my brother who is 18 years and my sister who is 15 years. We are just a family of four, we live in our shack in a place called Shiyasi. I am still looking forward to study futher in order to archieve my dreams and to live much better life and provide my family with more. I see myself as the best Teacher or Police officer in the future, I am also very passionate about photography. I just want to thank Angel’s Care for giving me a job, beacause without it, life might be very difficult.

My Name is Philisiwe Mtshali, I am 50 years old. I am a single mother of a matriculate. I find so much joy in educating learnders in the ECD phases and the community as a whole. I want to better our future leaders’ mind-sets and make this country a better place to live in. I have been in this field for 12 years and enjoy making a difference, while watching my learners prosper.