Our celebrated Principal since 2016, we live and learn by the examples of our leaders. “I am a trained primary school teacher, being at Port Shepstone Pre Primary School since 1999. I was fortunate to be counselled and mentored under highly respected Educationalist in Kwa-Zulu Natal. I was the hostel superintendent and Grade 7 leader for numerous years. I moved into the corporate world in 2007, to return to my roots in 2014. I was delighted to be offered the position of Principal at Thembelihle Primary School in 2015. In 2016 I joined Angels’ CareCentre as Principal of the

School, and currently run both organisations. Working with learners from disadvantaged communities is extremely rewarding. It is a blessing to be involved in the lives of the learners at Angels’ Care and I hope to make a positive contribution to the running of the Centre.

I am married to Sally Shaw, and we have two beautiful boys – Cameron and Warren. Sally was recently promoted to Deputy Head of Athlone Park Primary School in Pietermaritzburg. We are a strong Christian family who believes that God is fully in control of our lives and our destinies.”

Jack is our Crisis Centre Manager, attending to all issues pertaining to the crisis centre where we work to educate everyone on how to prevent child abuse and also provide medical and pshyco-social support to affected children. Jack joined us in July 2017.

He is a father of two, his son a paramedic and daughter within hospitality. Having been a member of the South African Police Service for more than 38 years, predominantly attached to the K9 unit, he was exposed to extreme circumstances surrounding active crime scenes. As such, he is experienced in handling traumatic and tragic incidents.

“In attending scenes and dealing with families, I have been enabled to become a more compassionate person.”

Desmond joined Angels’ Care in January 2009 and is our After Care Supervisor and Sports Coach; along with this he is also a committed member of our Management Committee.

He assists with homework, and the planning and conducting of aftercare activities. He coaches soccer to many aspirant young boys, with his teams finding themselves competitive in the top of their league. He attended high school and has a certificate in welding and an enthusiastic vegetable grower. He currently lives in Shiyabazali informal settlement with his daughter, who is enrolled at Thembelihle Pre- primary School.

He is extremely passionate about the children and integral to our team.

“I like working at Angels’ Care with the kids and also helping people in general. I love what I do.”

My name is Sthobile Pamella Mweli born 31 May 1978 in KwaMevana Township. I am a single mother to an 18 year old who has been my inspiration to never give up in life. Which is one of the reason I decided at the age of 33 to go back to school and obtain my first degree in Social work. As a social worker I aspire to bring change in people`s lives even in the least way possible. Being involved with Angels Care has enable me serve my purpose and it has been a learning experience personally. Initially came here as volunteer, however have learnt so much in such short space of time. Currently I have been given an opportunity to work as an administrator which I enjoy very much. I am proud social worker/administrator and it is all thanks to Angels care with the opportunity given and for believing in me.

Kate joined our team in August 2017 to manage our Sponsorship Programs & PR.

“Returning to KZN Midlands is a welcome reaquaintence to familiar roots after 20 years in Limpopo. In finding this opportunity to invest my skills in a worth cause, my day is now that much brighter, humming to the tea time tunes of ‘the big fat mamba washing her cloths’ coming from the play ground.

I bring with me enthusiasm and commitment to find creative solutions for the hopeless and helpless. With my twin boys, Tristan and Ewan, and little Lily, I live the life of a mother, a friend and provider, aspiring to make a difference”.

Emma is our appointed Bridging Class Teacher since May 2016.

She started teaching at Thembelihle Primary School as a grade 4 educator and has since transferred to Angels’ Care as our Bridging Class teacher, spurred by the need to enable previously unschooled children by offering a helping hand to transition them into mainstream schooling.

“I am a teacher who has a calling to work with children with special needs. I believe that every child deserves the best education, regardless of his/her background. I am enjoying working with my class and my goal is to help them fulfil their ambitions through my teaching. I work for the Lord with all my heart and all my soul.

I am married with three children. I have a diploma in Primary Education, Bachelors of Science with Honours in Special Education. I am looking forward to beginning my masters in Special Education.”

Happy Girl is our Grade RR teacher. She joined Angels Care in January 2016.

As a graduated teacher in Early Childhood Development, she furthers her studies in Intermediate and senior phases through a Bachelors in Education at UNISA. She is married with 2 children, currently living in Mpophomeni.

“I have enjoyed every moment at Angels Care as I love children very much. I have learnt so much from my fellow teachers and colleagues. We have a lovely chairperson, Mrs. Carolyn, who always makes sure our needs and the children’s needs are met.”

Zinhle is our Grade RRR teacher, since 2014.

As a single mother of three children, Zinhle has trained in Early Childhood Development as well as previous experience working at a Christian pre- primary school in Howick. She is a quiet, loving teacher. Zinhle speaks English and Zulu and understands some Sothu.

“I love working with young kids and enjoy seeing them grow and improve their learning. I love working at Angels’ Care because I get to experience kids from different backgrounds and environments. It is a place full of love, where people are treated with respect, helping those who are needy, giving them the best.”

Thandi is our Grade R teacher, who joined us in January 2016.

She studied home based care through a local institution and did practical’s through Umgeni Hospital, having then received a bursary to study Early Childhood development, completing it in 2016.

“I am so happy to be in this Centre as I am experiencing more and experiencing so much. My wish is to further my studies even more and get to know how to teach kids of an older age.”

Nester has been preparing our Pre- schoolers nourishing food since 2009, filling their tummy’s and preparing their minds to learn. She is Mother of four and Grandmother of four.

“I am so happy cooking new and exciting food for the children, especially Phutu and Chicken Stew, it is the children’s favourite.”

Hloni has been with us since 2008, preparing meals for our aftercare children as well as helping with homework, her commitment and passion remains constant.

She has her 1st aid certificate as well as training in home-based care. She lives in Shiyabazali Informal Settlement with her one child and two orphans that she invited into her home. Outside Angels’ Care, she teaches girls Netball, making us proud of achievements her teams’

“I like to help build a new future for the children, how to grow and avoid making mistakes.”

As is a young professional with experience supporting a USAID-funded Maternal and Child Health program, disseminating personal health and best hygiene practices, researching HIV/AIDS and health interventions. As Global Health Intern, she has gained experience in USAID project support, research of maternal and child health.

Ms. Weber holds a BS, Community Health from the University of Maryland, College Park. She is currently committed to serving in the U.S. Peace Corps as a Community HIV/AIDS Outreach Project Volunteer in South Africa until April 2019.

“My experience here thus far has been a great adventure! I’m thrilled to be working with such a dynamic organization alongside incredibly passionate, motivated people. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my time here..”

Faith lives at Angels’ Care with her 2 children offering support wherever needed. She has been with at Angels Care since 2009. She assists the Crisis Centre with victims of abuse when the need arises ensuing they are taken care of and have a warm bed to sleep in. She is involved with the Saturday morning feeding program, along with general cooking, cleaning and caretaking duties.

“I know that love and education are very important in helping children grow up to a responsible adult in our community.”

Nontobeko is our Social Worker at our Crisis Centre, joining us in February 2017.

She is humble, down to earth with a wealth of patience. Nontobeko is a fully qualified social worker with a passion to assist and counsel children who are victims of trauma and gender based violence thereby bringing them hope and enabling them to heal emotionally.

“I love working with children, they are close to my heart, but also I love to empower people to become whatever they wish to be in life.”

Lungi joins the Crisis Centre from August 2017, and is a welcome addition to the team as a Registered Nurse with specialising in psychiatry.

Having fantasised from a young age, the glamour of a nurse in a neat lapelled uniform with stockings, she has grown through experience and keenly aware of the challenges that present to a trauma patient, along with the opportunity she has to make a difference.

“I have a passion for working with children. Angels’ Care is the perfect platform for me in a humanitarian effort to assist those in need, to feel cared for and loved, offering support in all aspects.”

Nontobeko and Samkeliswe are our Community Caregivers at our Crisis Centre

Together they focus on educating the community on issues related to gender based violence, as well as identifying and reporting neglected and abused children. Through the Angels Care Crisis Centre, they can offer facilities in this process and on going assistance.

Both residing in the Shiyabazali Informal Settlement, they understand the challenges intimately.

“I started working at Angels’ Care in August 2015, and have a little daughter who is at Thembelihle Pre-Primary School. I have home based care and first aid. I am a very strong woman. I learn a lot from the Crisis Centre and my leaders.” – Nontobeko

Nontobeko and Samkeliswe are our Community Caregivers at our Crisis Centre

Together they focus on educating the community on issues related to gender based violence, as well as identifying and reporting neglected and abused children. Through the Angels Care Crisis Centre, they can offer facilities in this process and on going assistance.

Both residing in the Shiyabazali Informal Settlement, they understand the challenges intimately.

“I like helping and working children in the community in all situations. I’m emotional when seeing an abused child because of the life I lived growing up..” – Samke

Thuthuka supports us on a part time basis in the Aftercare Program with homework and care, but also offering assistance and guidance with social behaviour issues. He has received training in identifying and addressing these challenges to motivate change, minimising secondary trauma that often trigger conflict within a group.

“As a social worker, we need to rectify the behaviour of children so they can focus on their future and enable them to reach success.”